Saturday 21 July 2012

Going to the sun road - Montana USA

An awesome drive from Waterton this morning. We were lucky enough to see two grizzly and one black bear on our way out of the park. We passed through customs at Chief Mountain on the Canada/US border. We were keen to start early as we heard that there was a severe weather warning for upper Montana and that the Going to the sun road might be closed. It had been closed earlier in the week due to a landslide but today was our lucky day. The mountains were amazing! I am always blown away by the size of mountains and how insignificant I feel next to them. In the middle of summer we are still seeing snow. The winding road and amazing scenery kept us in awe all day. Lots of stops for pictures and short hikes also kept us from going crazy in the car. At Logan pass we were greeted at the visitor centre by a small herd of mountain goats and gophers. A short swim in Lake Macdonald revived us and we drove to Kalispell for the night.

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