Tuesday 3 July 2012

Summer Break Day 5: Juneau

After our relaxing day at Icy Straight Point we then set sail for Juneau. Greg, the boys and I had to disembark early today for a Gold Panning adventure to try and get lots of Klondike gold. Unfortunately we didn't find the biggest gold nugget but we did get a few flakes - looks like we don't get to retire after all.

Back to the boat for some breakfast with Frank and Helen, but they were nowhere to be seen - obviously off shopping - AGAIN.

When we did meet up with them we took the Mt Roberts Tram which goes from near sea level to the mid-point of Mt. Roberts, an 1,800 foot rise that provides sweeping views of downtown and the Gastineau Channel. It was stunning and made our huge cruise ship look like a little boat in a bathtub. We got to explore the midpoint and saw a bald eagle up close and personal, saw a porcupine in a tree and took stroll around to play in the snow. The track was a bit slipery so that was fun too.

Back down the mountain and a wander through the town - cruise ship supported and back on the boat for a lovely dinner in the "fancy resturant" followed my a musician/comedy act which was brilliant. Frank even brought some amgic cards which he tested out his magical skills on the boys. They thought Pop was awesome. The magician did show Pop's good old faithful thumb trick much to his delight - he couldn't wait to tell the other grandkids.

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