Thursday 5 July 2012

Summer Break Day 7: Hubbard Glacier

We were up at the crack of dawn this morning and it was cold!! We piled on as much winter gear as we could and headed out on deck with many others on our way to the amzing Hubbard Glacier - a frozen ice river that feeds into the sea. At 6 am we were 30 nautical miles from it and it was huge. In the water there were small fragments of ice that had broken off the glacier and we hoped nothing too big - thinking Titantic was up ahead. As we approached the glacier it got more and more spectacular. Finally at about 9am after a slow approach and copius amounts of hot chocolate and coffee which the staff brought to us we were 1/2 nautical mile from it. WOW. It was so impressive up close. The colours in such a huge mass of ice were beautiful. We were fortunate enough to see a huge chck of ice calve off the glacier and it made quite a splash in the water that the wave rocked the boat and tipped half of the pool water out.

We then headed to our final port of call for the trip to Seward. I could eat much for the rest of the day, the open ocean made me feel very ill.

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