Thursday 19 July 2012

Kimberley, Fernie, Frank and Waterton.

Back in the car and we made our way to Kimberley for lunch. This quaint little town reminded me of postcards I had seen in the Swiss Alps. It would be gorgeous to visit there in the winter too. We had lunch at a funny little Greman pub and enjoyed bratwurst and saurcraut. This should make for an interesting car ride later. We all enjoyed a game of street chess before returning to the car to head for Fernie.

Fernie is the place where I had broken my arm and I really wanted to show Dad the hill that had hurt his little girl. Greg wanted to go mountain biking but I talked him out of it. No way was I letting anybody else break anything and the rest of our Summer holidays be spent in a cast. This place must have some bad karma because as we were about to get in the car we wanted to take a picture of the inukshuk that stands at the entrance to the ski field (missed it last time) poor Joey stood us too fast and cracked his head on the hard stone of the inukshuk :(. We were all hot and annoyed after that so a quiet trip towards Waterton it was.

The boys feeling the need to get out of the cramped space of the car asked could they show Grandpa around the Frank slide site. Greg and I stopped for the rest and a leisurely stroll while Dad and the boys enjoyed the information centre. Dad was surprised at the boys knowing so much of the history - must take after their mum - so smart :).

On to Waterton for the night - one of my favourite places in all of Canada that I really wanted to be able to share with Dad. A stroll along the shore of Waterton Lakes and we spotted a deer and her baby - so beautiful to watch how protective she was of her newborn. We drove up to Cameron Lake and were surprised that the snow from 6 weeks ago had all melted away. From here you can see across the lake into USA. It still blows me away that you can see another country across a lake.

We had a quick visit inside the Prince of Wales Hotel - which only opens over the summer months. So very Scottish is the interior I thought easily I was back in Oban (my favourite place in Scotland).
Driving out of Waterton Park we stopped for a bear jam where one side of the road there was a large black bear and on the other side of the road a small grizzly.

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