Thursday 12 July 2012

Short time in Sylvan

Packing up the van that we had hired to get the 7 of us around proved slightly difficult. With all of us with luggage from our Alaska trip, Frank and Helen with their stuff and Dad with his we were thankful that Corrine was still with us to pile some gear in her car too. Back to Sylvan we went.

A tour of the town and the house where we are staying, loads of washing and repacking for the next leg saw us in need of a few cold beverages. We headed out that evening to Gull Lake (about 20 minutes from Sylvan) to enjoy a BBQ and drinks with our friends Mel and Tim Harris. The kids had a ball climbing trees, running through forests and splashing in the lake. Mel's parenst Judy and Darryl were also camping in their trailer there and we all enjoyed each others company - particularly Judy and Helen who seemed to have known each other for a lifetime.

We would have liked to have had Frank and Helen spend more time in Sylvan but given their limited time holidaying with us it was a quick pack up and head to Edmonton the next day.

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