Friday 10 August 2012


After a crazy drive to the airport in an effort to not miss our flight, we missed it anyway. Note to self - check details and don't rely on your hubby to go it for you. What he thought was a 2 pm flight was a 10am flight. Not to worry they managed to get us on the flight with no dramas.

Arriving in Toronto and catching a cab to our hotel we witnessed how different the scenery was, no more siding houses but instead red brick. That evening we went fit a meal at a sports bar and enjoyed the hundreds of TV's all playing different sports. We also checked out the CN tower but decided to go the next day.

After breakfast we jumped on the subway and headed for the Hockey Hall of Fame. The boys loved it! Kissing the Stanley Cup, playing goalie and checking out all of the exhibits.

Hockeyed out we then headed for Toronto island. We weren't sure what to do there but we were pleasantly surprised that there was a small adventure park with rides, fountains and ponds to play in, bikes to hire DVD ride around the island, places to eat, a pier that looked out across Lake Ontario and beaches (including a clothing optional beach). We took a tram ride around the island and didn't realize how big it was and all the stuff you could do there so close to a big city.

Back from a hot day we then took on CN tower. Once the highest tower in the world (now about 4th or 5th) we had stunning views across Toronto. Greg not so keen on the glass floor but it was amazing. We stayed there to watch the lights across the city came on and boarded the subway to the hotel for a much needed rest.

Niagara Falls was our next stop. Up early to catch a bus from Toronto. About a 2 hour drive found us at Niagara-on-the-lake - a gorgeous town on the Canadian/US boarder with multimillion dollar homes. Across the river was the USA. We are still blown away that you can see another country from across a bridge.

The falls themselves were amazing. So much water! Which we have found out freezes in winter. The Maid of the Must ride was great. Donned in our complimentary blue ponchos we got wet from the most that the falls make without even trying. The boys thought that was great.

The town itself is a bit tacky with typical tourist "attractions". We avoided those but still had a great day out.

Our last day in Toronto was catching up on the laundry, a short shopping adventure at the Eaton Centre ( so needed my shopping girls with me!!!).The night was spent at Rogers stadium watching the Toronto blue jays get beat by the New York Yankees. First 5 innings were looking promising for Toronto but alas all was forgotten. We loved it though and really put on the Aussie accent for our first ball game to score some free stuff.

Picking up a car tomorrow and heading to Canada's capital Ottawa. For all my PDHPE friends - home of the dreaded charter!

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