Friday 6 July 2012

Day 8: Seward to Talkeetna

Packing all of our stuff and leaving the boat today, we boarded a bus from Seward to Anchorage. It's funny when you think of a capital city you imagine in size how big it is going to be and how fast paced it will move. Anchorage is nothing like that. While it does sprawl a fair distance it is definately not fast paced. Probably comparable to Dubbo - a nice country atmosphere about it. As we traveled into the city itself we were given a chance to look about at the gorgeous scenery and to hear some of the history from our local guide Andy.
A long bus ride and we finally arrived at Talkeetna - a village just on the outskirts of Denali National Park. The view from our lodge was of Mt. Mackinley - the tallest mountain in North America. We had learnt on the way to Talkeetna that only 30% of tourists actually get to see the top as the majority of the time the peak is covered by cloud. Greg and I opted to take a plane flight to get up close and personal to Mt. Mackinley and we are now proud owners of a badge that says we are one of the 30%. Woo hoo. What a majestic mountain. With the kids at the lodge with Frank and Helen we decided to stop in at the Denali Brewing Company and sample a few local beers and enjoy some dinner. Having fully stuffed ourselves we walked back to the lodge. Greg assured me it was not far, however, every movement and rustle in the trees we thought we'd either be attack by a bear or charged by a moose. After an hour's walk we made it safely back.

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