Wednesday 4 July 2012

Summer Brak Day 6: Skagway

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!! American Independance day and we had arrived in to the small town of Skagway to see the town decorated in red white and blue. We had organised a tour today to whitehouse and the yukon. On the bus we saw a brown bear by the side of the road eeating summer berries. I would have stayed in hibernation! It was cold! We stopped in at the Yukon Suspension bridge and nearly froze.

We had to show our passports on the bus and an immigration officer came aboard and checked as we had travel from Alaska, US and into BC and the Yukon, Canada. After our bus adventure we boarded a train near Whitehorse and headed back towards Skagway. The railroad was an old one and was a path the gold miners took when they went searching for Klondike Gold. We had a slamon bake for luch and trued to redeem ourselves gold panning - still no retiring and then explored Skagway. The town was gorgeous all decorated and had a real goldrush vibe to it. It was a shame we missed the 4th July parade but the town itself was abuzz.

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