Saturday 7 July 2012

Summer break Day 9: Denali National Park

An early start to be back on the bus and a trip to Denali National Park itself. We were hoping to spot some wildlife today and Frank was getting a bit antsy about having not spotted any so far. A quick look around the nature centre where we picked up some junior ranger packs for the boys and boarded a bumpy old school bus for a better look into the park. Luckily the ranger packs had some binoculars. Once on board the bumpy bus we were treated with some laughs and bum bruises. A huge thunder storm hit and we were all feeling very pesimistic about seeing wildlife. Woo hoo the storm flushed some animals out and we saw a moose and her calf, a teen moose with antlers just starting to grow and a few cariboo all taking advantage of the fresh water. Frank was happy which meant the rest of us were too. The boys were extremely fortunate to be inducted as junior rangers of Denali National Park. A few games of checkers while the rain continued to fall saw us relaxed and refreshed for another day of travel.

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