Monday 9 July 2012

Summer Break Day 10: Anchorage to Calgary

I am so not a morning person and today was no exception. Being the crazy organsied freak that I am though I had the kids dressed ready to go when they went to bed so that when it came for our 5am pickup I just had myself to sort out. Going through customs was nearly a tragedy when Frank had cleverly packed the precious tubes of Vegemite in his carry on luggage. We were horrified when he was pulled aside and they searched his bag. The rest of us said in unison "Not the Vegemite" and tried to explain to customs what it was and how it was liquid gold to us Aussies.
After landing in Seattle and then on to Calgary I was finally reunited with my Dad. Lots of tears and excitement mixed with exhaustion from an early start we went and stayed at Gave and Julies for a good rest.

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