Wednesday 18 July 2012

Radium Hot Springs

Greg had said a tearful farewell to his mum and dad and then drove on to Calgary to return the van and pick up our little Mazda. The boys and Dad enjoyed some time by the pool while I got organised fro the next leg of our trip. Once back in Canmore Greg picked us up and with much reluctance we piled into the little car, so uncomfortable after having so much space in the van. Tonights destination was to Radium Hot Spings. On the way there we spotted a moose on the side of the road. The kids were very excited that this was Grandpa's very first Canadian Moose. We arrived after lunch, checked in to our accomodation and then took the kids for a swim to the lake in Invermere. That evening we went for a relax in the Hot Springs. They had 3 there. One that was a warm heated pool, one freezing and one extra hot. The idea was to go from the hot to the freezing and back to the hot to aid circulation and promote wellness. I found it worked wonders for my shoulder which had been fairly stiff after immobilised for so long and I was able to do a few laps of the warm heated pool. The boys didn't like the hot thermal pool so much because it was too hot and you couldn't really stay in there too long but they did enjoy the warm heated pool that had a slide and a diving board where they perfected their summies. We told Greg that he had to get in the freezing pool first and then enter the hot one. Hilarious!! The freezing pool was excatly that and then as you entered the hot pool it was like having millions of ants bite you where your body had been 'frozen'. I think Dad really enjoyed his time here as it was so relaxing and we left feeling rejuvenated.

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