Sunday 25 December 2011

Cants do Christmas in Canada

Christmas Eve in Canada. The world outside was white. The dream of a white Christmas was here. We had hung some decorations on the tree that we had collected from our travels. We went to mass with Steph and her family and then to Heather and Todd's place for supper (dinner). The boys were dared by Todd to do a snow dip and then plunge into the hot tub on the back deck. No real need for a dare, in true Aussie style they stripped down to their undies and jumped into the snow before one could say Croc Dundee. Lots of laughs and a worried mum!

The Video is a bit dark, but you can get the idea and feel the moment.

The aftermath...

Elaine had made us all special Santa stockings so we hope they are full of pressies come Christmas day.
Waking up on Christmas morning was a weird feeling. This is my first Christmas without my Dad and I was missing him terribly. But with a mix of emotions I was excited for the boys when Santa arrived with ice hockey memorabilia and other Canadian bits and pieces. They were not sad at all, just impressed that Santa had found them and given them what they had asked for along with some extra stuff.

Christmas Day was so much fun. Once the turkey was in the oven it was time to play in the snow. We grabbed some sleds and walked through the snow to a hill where we could zoom down and sled. SO SO much fun. Greg and I felt like kids all over again and the boys had a blast. Sledding has definitely become a major favourite past time to tackle the Canadian winter. Such a great day! Great company, food and fun.
Frank and the bird

Merry Christmas with Steph

When do we eat? with Jaden and Calan


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