Thursday 15 December 2011

The Grand Canyon

All places in Las Vegas should read BUYER BEWARE. Having not prebooked a tour to the Grand Canyon before we arrived in the US we thought it would be easy to get helicopter flights from Las Vegas. It was - nearly every place was offering tours, free tickets to places but there was always a catch. What we thought we were getting was explained to us from a street vendor to be the best deal on earth. All sounded great and we were really excited to be doing a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. It was definately a fantastic flight, however not the same as was explained to us. Luckily we had kept all details and carried it with us and in true American style expressed our dissatisfaction which scored us a DVD of the whole flight for free (saving us $50). Better than nothing!

The Grand Canyon is truly beautiful. Definately a place we would like to spend more time in and exploring. Mother nature shows so many wonderful things and it's not until you are standing in the bottom of the Grand Canyon in the US that you can appreciate it. I know that we will develop more of an appreciation for Mother Nature when we see parts of Canada too.

Ready to fly...

Hoover Dam

The Grand Canyon

In The Grand Canyon

Enjoying? the cacti
Next stop: San Francisco

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