Wednesday 14 December 2011

Las Vegas Baby!

From San Diego across the desert to Vegas. Many have traveled to claim their fortunes. This wasn't us. The drive was beautiful. No huge cactus but lots of Joshua trees and even some snow. The suburban made it even more comfortable with the heated leather seats and kids far enough behind us that they were not a worry for a 6 hour drive.

Finally arriving in Vegas was very exciting. So much to see...

New York, New York
  Inside of all of the casino's is truly amazing! Christmas gone crazy in most. All were so beautiful, all with a different theme, all over the top and all worth looking at.

Winter wonderland in the Bellagio

Water fountains at the front of the Bellagio

The Flamingo casino (complete with the real ones inside)
 We looked in every single casino and eventually the boys had had enough of looking. Joey wanted to win big, unfortunately he has a few more years to wait. We also caught a dinner show at Excalibur with Knights on horse back duelling each other and The Lion King on stage which was brilliant.

My favourite thing of course was the shopping. So cheap at the Premium Outlets - wish I had had longer, a bigger suitcase allowance and no kids or husband.  Greg and the boys yet again scored well with lots of Quiksilver gear. Even the "normal"stores were so much cheaper. Would definately hit Vegas again with an empty suitcase and loads of cash. Perhaps I can win big next time.

Next stop: San Francisco

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