Thursday 8 December 2011

Dubbo's do Disney

They say that Disneyland is THE happiest place on Earth - it is! Everyone is so happy, the staff, the cleaners, the parents and most importantly the kids.

As kids, Greg and I always wanted to go to Disneyland - all those Sunday nights where you watched a Disney classic movie and then they showed Sleeping Beauty's castle as the end to entice you - and now we have witnessed it first hand. One of my favourite books as a child was a Golden Book classic called Donald Duck and the Disneyland parade. I still read this to Joey and Paddy and Disneyland lived up to all that I can remember in the book.

Ok so enough of the sell, what did we actually get up to. We landed in LA about 2pm on The 7th Dec (same day that we left Dubbo) and caught a shuttle from LAX to Anaheim. The boys were very excited to catch snippets of Disneyland along the way. We decided that we would go there that night and watch the fireworks and have some dinner. Being early December we also thought that it wouldn't be too busy. It wasn't for Disney standards but for us Dubbo's it was packed.

Walking down Main Street was beautiful. Every shop in perfect pristine condition and detail. Not a scrap of rubbish, a fleck of paint chipped off and staff all dressed in Christmas theme. Now I know where the statement of "Everything is Mickey Mouse." comes from. We have never seen so much stuff covered with Mickey Mouse print ever and everyone was either buying it or wearing it.

The fireworks were magical, complete with fake snow. It felt really special to celebrate our first night of a new life adventure in a magical place.

The next 3 days in Disneyland were spent on rides, rides and more rides. If you weren't on the ride you were waiting in line for the ride. They moved really quickly though so that was a bonus. The boys favourite rides were Splash Mountain and Grizzly Bear River Run. They definately didn't like Space Mountain. Poor Joey was in tears when he got off and Paddy was quiet for about an hour after. Greg and I still had the shakes too. The fireworks, Christmas decorations, Disney Parade and World of Colour water and light shows were true highlights

At the end of our adventures at Disneyland we were all exhausted. 12 hours a day spent there and I think we did it all. Experienced nearly every ride - one's for preschoolers and one's for crazy teens.

Next stop Universal Studios.

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