Friday 13 January 2012

Anniversaries, Meeting other Exchangees and Hockey.

  The first week of school was had with mixed emotions. Greg was overwhelmed with the new curriculum, new staff and being inside all of the time (although walking to work has given him time to think through the day - not sure how much thinking as it is only about 200m down a path). The boys embraced school really well. Paddy in Grade 1 English (unfortunately not able to do Kinder French as is only 3 days a week and I certainly wasn't keeping him at home :)), Joey into Grade 2 English with the option of going into Grade 3 at a later date (this will mean he needs to change schools). Me - I was sad to not have the family around. A few tears initally (probably because this was the first year I had everyone at school on my birthday) but I soon got over that and threw myself into doing some exercise and sorting out our travel adventures to be had. I also had some lovely pressies which made life bearable too.
Snow flakes for my birthday

Perfume and tea gifts

Beautiful flowers from Frank and Elaine

Not a family to sit still for long we spent the weekend in Edmonton where we met other exchangees from Australia and had a meeting with the people in Canada who had made our exchange possible. Sitting in a classroom most of the day was a little antsy but we were lucky enough to witness a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony and the boys got to spend the day at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton. We were also given a gift of a a toy moose who we have called "Ruddy" (Kevin just didn't suit him) who from time to time will appear in our blog adventures.
Introducing Ruddy - who was njoying an Oilers game here :)

It was also here we got to celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary so Greg took all of us (including our adopted Christine) to an Oilers Game.

So Canadians are fanatical about their hockey and we too have been corrupted! Loving the biff and action. We have adopted the Edmonton Oilers as our team to cheer on. Unfortunately the Oilers got smashed by the Anaheim Ducks but we still had a great time.
Go Oilers!!!

Finally a save

The next day we spent at West Edmonton Mall enjoying Galaxyland - the indoor theme park within a shopping centre. Joey was able to Skype his friends which was great as he was feeling a bit home sick and we got to have a little shopping adventure too.

Paddy enjoying the Dodgems.

Joey flying the plane.

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