Thursday 16 August 2012

Quebec city

After a long drive from Ottawa we finally made it to Quebec city. Having only limited time there we decided to explore the Vieux Quebec ( old Quebec). What a great choice. The shuttle bus took us directly to the Frontenac Hotel - famous as it is one of the most photographed hotels in the world. Fairmont certainly has done its job well in maintaining these gorgeous hotels in Canada! We took a long walk up the governors terrace and after 310 steps saw amazing views of all of Quebec city. We then made our was to the centinal - a working fort built hundreds of years ago to protect Canada. We learnt a lot about the history of Canada and its relationship with France and Britain. Basically the French left their troops high and dry and the Brits took over. French people bring very proud and as a gesture of good will to the people who had made Quebec their home, the Brits allowed them to keep their language which is why French is still the first language learnt today. On that - sign posts, menus etc are all in French and my High school French came back after all these years so we were able to order and find our way around which was a bonus. In old Quebec we explored the city and it's fortifications. The kids did an archeological dig of the old forts and dug up some bottles, bits of plate and part of an old grenade. Lots of walking and hungry and tired we made our way to a local poutine place. The most delicious meal I think we've had in all of Canada and we told the owner so. Must try and make our Aussie friends some when we get home - anyone know where yo but cheese curd?
After a long day we were happy to retire that night bound for Montreal tomorrow.

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