Thursday 16 August 2012


After exploring 3 amazing cities in eastern Canada it's hard to believe that we could still find beauty in any others and Montreal was no exception. The old faithful hop on hop off bus tour proved again to be a winner! We certainly made the most of hopping in and off and managed to see all of the sites in one day. The churches here are gorgeous! The Notre Dame Basicilica was beautiful inside and out and I am so appreciative to be able to be inspired by a churches beauty. From the painted ceilings to the stained glass windows to the intricate carvings on the pews.
St Joseph's oratory was just as spectacular. Amazing views of the city from here. Saint Andre cannonised in 2010 is buried here and his heart is on display. The outside of the church is quite gothic but the inside is very modern.
A brief look around old Montreal - more French speaking attempts in cobble stone streets lined with artists, restaurants and cafes and gift shops.
A stroll along the old port and back on the bus.
After the tour a spot of shopping. There is a network of underground shops which is really cool as it goes for miles - could easily get lost.
In the evening Paddy led us to a fountain which we had heard about in the tour that shows water, fire and smoke at 9pm - the little turkey found it too. Blocks away but he remembered the turns that the bus took and hit us there.
The following morning we met up with an old student of Greg's - Rossco who is currently working as a green keeper at royal Montreal golf course. Great to chat to another friend from Dubbo and I think he was just as pleased to see us.
After a huge drive today we have arrived in Toronto for a sleepover to catch a plane to Halifax, Nova Scotia in the morning.

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