Sunday 2 September 2012

Nova Scotia maritimes

We flew to Halifax - thankfully not missing our flight this time, picked up our rental car and headed straight to Peggy's Cove - a small fishing village about 1/2 hour from Halifax. What a quaint place. Tiny houses all weather beaten from the cold Atlantic salt air and lobster traps in every yard. The boys loved walking along the rocks looking for crabs and other creatures. We all enjoyed some seafood for lunch, took a stroll to the lighthouse and then back in the car heading south. A travel brochure had advertised a place called Lunenberg so we thought we'd check it out. Thank goodness we did. So far one of my favourite places in all of Canada. Colorful old buildings, many lovingly restored all looking out on to a gorgeous harbor. We stayed the night at the Lennox Inn which is the oldest continuous running inn in all of Canada. Lunenberg is also famous for the ship The Bluenose. It appears on their dime (10 cent piece) but the ship now lies at the bottom if the ocean near Haiti. Some ship builders there are currently building The Bluenose 2.

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