Sunday 22 April 2012

An Aussie Onslaught weekend

An exciting week for us Aussies when Christine and Mozza announced their engagement. We celebrated with some champers and beers in Sylvan Lake on the Friday night and waited for Saturday to collect some more friends from Oz.

We were excited all week for our next round of Aussie visitors. Jo and Bern arrived for a weekend of Canadian fun. First stop the Bass Pro shop near Calgary - Redneck heaven!

We also picked up Karin on the Sunday who joined us for the weekend. So in total we had Christine, Mozza, Hudson, Jo, Bern, Kaz and the Cant family all from Australia and Corrie, Rob, Chloe, Mel, Tim, Cadie, Cale and Callin from Canada joined us for some Canadian fun. A hot weekend ( for Canada standards) saw us don the t-shirts and share a wiener roast, perogies and s'mores around the backyard firepit.

On the Monday Paddy conveniently missed the bus so Jo had her first driving on the wrong side of the road experience - lots of laughs! Kaz was my taxi driver to and from ortho appointments and Bern had jet lag so had a few naps.

An awesome weekend that just flew!

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