Friday 29 June 2012

Summer break - Day 1

The end of term and the school year could not have finished faster. Since the 'warmer' weather hit we had been busy with school field trips, dinners out, catching up with friends and hanging out. We were very excited about seeing our family arrive from Australia. The 29th June we flew from Calgary to Vancouver to board a cruise ship bound for Alaska. Not only were we excited about the cruise but were also very excited that Frank and Helen would be joining us.
Seeing them again for the first time in six months were great. A few tears lots of hugs and beaming smiles from Grandma and Pop and the boys. We decided to head straight to the Celebrity Millenium ship to check in our luggage and to our surprise they had lunch being served on board so we went to check it out. We had to first clear through US customs - which was a bit strange considering we were still in Canada and had to cross a gang plank to the ship which was in theory the US.
Walking on to the boat our jaws dropped. We were all given a glass of champagne (the boys a juice) and it was 5 star decor. We were all so pleasantly surprised at how lavish it all looked and hoped this would be a great 10 days. Sailing out of Vancouver Harbour was lovely. Standing on our balcony with a beer in hand and waving to all who would wave back from the shore.

Leaving the harbour at Vancouver.
Relaxing with a beer on our balcony.

Vancouver City

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