Sunday 1 April 2012

April Fools Day

So wishing that a broken arm was an April Fools Day joke but it wasn't. But we all had to soldier on and not feeling disheartened we had a quick drive around Fernie and definately hoped that we could make it back there - although Ali says she won't be skiing. It is a beautiful little town.
Fernie's main street.

Back in Alberta we stopped at Lundbrek Falls - we thought they may still be frozen but it had all thawed. It was very windy so Ali with her broken arm had to view the falls from the car. It would be a nice place to come back to for a picnic and relax on a long trip.

Images at Lundbrek Falls, AB

From there we wanted to visit Head-Smashed in Buffalo Jump. We had read about this place before we had left Australia and were curious to find out more. So we went. Ali full of pain killers and the boys frightened for her, we found out about how the first nations who inhabited the land would herd buffalo off the cliff to their death. They would then use all of the buffalo for their homes, food and tools. A very interesting place.

The 5 hour drive was a long one but a few scenic spots along the way kept us enjoying the drive. The wind farms, the grain silos, the wildlife (namely gophers and a few deer) and the Candy store at Nanton were highlights.

Thankfully home and the next week involved doctors visits, x-rays and sleep.

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