Friday 13 April 2012

Spring break- Part 2

A trip to the ortho showed Ali's arm healing well (at least he thinks so). He did say that it will probably not heal in straight normal alignment but that it would have full function. Surgery was not an option at this stage due to a high risk of infection and lack of mobility post surgery.

Arm in the cast
Arm out of the cast - YUCK.

We have caught up on the washing so now it's time to pack the car again and this time we are heading south.  through the badlands of Alberta. First stop is to Drumheller - home of the Royal Tyrell Museum where loads of Dinosaur specimens have found a home. Kids LOVED it!

We found the landscape so incredibly different - it was like being on another planet.

 The Badlands of Alberta at Horseshoe Canyon was another really interesting spot.

The Hoodoo's - south of Drumheller.

The Atlas Coal Mine near Drumheller. It has been closed for many years now but at it's prime provided an essential resource for the now very small communities around this area.

 Grain store - at the moment there doesn't look to be much grain growing in this area but the snow has just melted and there are lots of farms nearby so this could be the major source of farming for the area.

We took a drive along a road that had 11 bridges to the small town of Wayne - population 27.
Unfortunately the pub was closed.

Hiking in the Dinosaur Provincial Park. The kids were hunting for fossils as many of the exhibits at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller were dug up here. It's also Rattlesnake country so I had my eyes peeled too.

Medalta Pottery at Medicine Hat in Alberta's south. Still make a few sample pieces for the gift shop but this place had most of the porcelain shipped all over Canada for ceramics, bricks and toilets.

The World's Largest Tipi at Medicine Hat

So ends our our Spring Break :(. We saw loads of interesting things from snow capped mountains to dry arid regions. The boys have learnt so much over the last 10 days about other cultures, seasons and industries. We have loved it - bring on summer! We still have so much to explore of Canada.

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