Tuesday 31 January 2012

Happy New Year

The arrival of the New Year means that this is it. We are now in Canada for a whole 12 months. While we are here we plan to make the most of it - cold temps and all. New Years Eve was very quiet for us. Kicking back and relaxing after a whirlwind tour of parts of the USA and then Christmas. With the New Year also brought along Christine who will feature in many of our blog posts as a fellow exchangee and Dubvegan (from Dubbo). Over the New Year holidays we took Christine and the boys tobogganing, attempted iceskating - with not much success when Joey chipped a tooth, we also took in some of the sights of Calgary including the Olympic Park and Calgary tower, we visited our friends in Calgary Gav and Julie (who were on exchange in Mudgee in 2011) and started to get ready for school.

New Years Eve at Boston Pizza

Ali and Christine - hard core snow bunnies

Greg looking a tad cold

Attempting to ice skate

"Cool" dudes

Playing hockey on the pond.

Olympic Park ski field in Calgary (personally I think that slope is huge!)

Playing it safe while skiing.

Just after this pic was taken I slipped on the ice and majorly stacked it.

Bob sled track at Calgary Olympic park.

Downtown at Calgary Tower
Looking down from Calgary tower

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