Thursday 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day

No homesickness today but we are ready to celebrate in true Aussie style. I spent 2 days in th kitchen preparing Aussie foods for our Canadian friends to enjoy. We sent them all home with a full belly, including grog, and a recipe book so they can enjoy Aussie food all year round. On the menu was vegemite melba toasts, mini meat pies, snags (which Greg burnt) and prawns on the barbie, green and gold salads (avocado and mango; pumpkin and spinach), lamingtons and mini pavs. YUM.

FIRE. The flames were dull by the time I had grabbed the camera.

Trevor, Greg and Corri

Kim, Corrine, Corri, Irene and Ali

Tim, Cyril and Trevor

Jaden, Kalin, Heather & Todd

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