Friday 3 February 2012

Snow shoeing Sylvan Lake and Edmonton

For the weekend we had booked a snow shoe tour in Edmonton by the river and up to Fort Edmonton. We were hoping to see some wildlife and enjoy a new experience together.

Before we went away a friend at Ecole Mother Theresa gave us a practice tour in snow shoes around Jarvis Bay just outside of Sylvan Lake. Thanks Corrine. Unfortunately it was getting quite late and dark so we didn't go as far as we had hoped.

Greg all kitted up

Corrine helping Joe with his snow shoes

Greg's snow shoes

Ali's snow shoes

The track at Jervis Bay

Greg and Corrine

Greg, Corrine and the boys.

Off we go

If we didn't have the shoes on Paddy would be waist deep in snow now.

But we still had a few stacks.

All good or is that "I see a moose behind you"?


Through the forest.

View of the town of Sylvan Lake

So we thought we were quite good and felt confident that our Edmonton adventure would be a breeze.

We arrived at the John Janzen Nature Centre for a moonlight river snowshoe tour and walked along the river to Fort Edmonton. Here we enjoyed a talk about the fur trade and then some around the fire stories while we sipped on some hot apple cider - Ali drank 4 cups because none of the boys like it. From here we boarded a horse drawn sleigh and made our way back through olden day buildings and to the end of our adventure.

A beaver

Paddy ready for the snow shoe tour.

Joey in his snow shoes

The boys and Ruddy.

A weazel hole and their tracks.

Inside Fort Edmonton at night.

A dark horse drawn sleigh ride.

Old town at Fort Edmonton park.
From here we went on to spend the weekend with Christine in Edmonton. While Christine and Ali went for some retail therapy, the boys spent a day at the Royal Alberta museum.

The boys and the mountain goats.
Every Canadians nightmare - BUGS. They hate them!!

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