Sunday 25 March 2012

Skiing adventures - Canyon (Red Deer) and Lake Louise

The snowfall in March has meant that we have been able to go skiing. Greg has had a few lessons with the ski club at school so is feeling quite the professional. Ali and the boys took an afternoon off and went to Canyon Ski Resort near Red Deer for some lessons. A great family adventure.


Joey - had enough
Lake Louise lodge
Our friends the Coopers who are awesome skiers offered to take us to Lake Louise for some skiing fun. A relatively easy bunny hill for Ali to practice her falls and gentle blue and green ones which the boys had mastered by the end of the day. We didn't want to go home. After all of us mastering our specific runs (Ali still the bunny hill), beautiful scenery, great company and 6 degrees what a perfect day!
Joey, Keegan & Paddy

Greg, Ali & Cyril

The boys

The clan at the summit

Lots of skiers enjoying the day

Coming down on the gondola - Ali wasn't skiing down that mountain but the boys all did.

Cyril helping Paddy after a fall (taken from the gondola)


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